The First ​Completely LIVE ​& ​DAILY Updated SEO Course!

​THREE Live SEO Case Studies right NOW!

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    ​Imagine getting to see EXACTLY what it takes to rank a website ​from day one...
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    ​Then getting a DAILY report on every single thing that was done ​each and every day in ​explicit detail...
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    ​AND being part of an elite group of SEOs that you can network with, ask questions, swap links or just share experiences with...

Hi, I'm ​Bill Allen, and I've dreamed of doing this for a very long time. Now it's time to finally launch the SEO product that will never have an equal.

What if you could see Step-by-Step not just one, but MANY websites Rank & Make Money?

You could literally just follow and do what I do so your success is pretty much guaranteed...

Even if you're completely new to SEO and have never built a website before...

That's the whole point of WatchMeRank​!

To show you what's working NOW so you can start creating your own money making websites ​whether you're building a site for your business, an affiliate site like Amazon or Clickbank, or you just want to start your own blog but you simply don't know where to start or how to make money with it...

Stop ​spending days or years trying to learn ​everything and second guessing each step you make.

​​Because the first thing you learn in SEO is that there are soooooooo many questions! Like for everything!

Should I use a brandable domain, an EMD, partial EMD? Do I need a silo structure, how do I do that? What's a 301 and is it good for my site?

And on and on and on and get the picture!

And to make things worse, go and "Google" any question you have and you'll get 6 answers for each. All telling you to do something different, grrrrrrrr!

It really is crazy.

So what is the REAL solution to all of this? I mean, how can you really learn what's working in SEO right NOW, and what's just some more regurgitated fluff read on someone's old blog from 2010?


​Now did I say simple????

Okay, if you have a massive budget, employees and all the time in the world I guess then it really is simple, yes.
The point is, you're never "really" going to know what the definitive answer is until you actually test it for yourself.

Are PBNs still worth it? Well, build a few and test them.

Do I really need long form content? Test it baby!

What about expired domains? Again, test to see.


Let someone else test everything and give you their results, DAILY!

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Or how about this.​..

​Rather than buying an SEO product that is a case study of a site someone ranked three years ago, wouldn't it be more valuable to watch them rank sites daily

​                         See every single detail in real time...

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    ​How they ​create their websites?
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    ​Which themes and plugins ​are used?
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    ​How their plugins are configured?
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    How often are they adding content​?
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    How long or short is the content?
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    ​Who wrote the content?
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    How did they do the keyword research?
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    Are they using h1, h2 tags, etc...?
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    What about media​?
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    ​​How often are they publishing?
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    ​Are they syndicating? To where?
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    ​​Are they using new domains or expired? EMDs, PMDs?
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    ​What are they doing for backlinks?
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    ​How many​ links do they build a day?
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    ​Where do they get their links from?
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    ​Are they using PBNs, Guest Posts, Outreach?
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    ​What's a PBN and how do they create them?
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    ​How do they make money with their sites?​

​And on and on and on...

​​And get to see all of this on a daily basis, LIVE. And have an exclusive private FB Group to answer any of your questions and give daily updates.

AND not just one site, but MANY sites, all at the same time so it doesn't get boring!

That would literally be AMAZING!!!! Yes???

​Imagine, one site ​could be an Adsense optimized site, one site is for Amazon, one that is for some other affiliate product, one that used an expired domain to start, one that used an EMD, one that is an authority site, another is a 5 page site, and blah, blah, blah....

And get an extremely detailed daily report on what was done for each and every site, right down to the word count of posted content that day and who wrote the content and a link to that writer so you could go and get the exact same results, to how much traffic the site got that day and how much money it made, every single detail...and on multiple websites...

​Let's face it, that would be WAY too much work!

Who would do all of that?

And then share every "secret" they know too???


And I am, now, everyday.

That is what Watch Me Rank is all about. (Cool name, right;) )

Here's how this is going to work...

I'm starting this off with ​3 sites that I will build out, rank, monetize and eventually sell.

I will show you every single thing I did for each and every site for that day in the private FB Group. Usually these will be daily videos. But I will also be putting out PDFs, checklists, everything and anything to show, explain and help you to achieve the same results as I am.

Plus on the actual Watch Me Rank website there will be a member's area that will also have a bunch of instructional videos, just look at the bottom of the page for a quick overview of what's in the member's area.

​What are you getting exactly?

​You'll see all kinds of websites being created, ranked in Google, monetized to make the most money, and then sold. The ENTIRE process from start to finish.

You will see it all, every single step, LIVE & DAILY!!!

And to always keep it interesting, I will be adding a brand new site each and every month. (maybe even more than one)

And all of them will be different. So it's NOT the same old blah, blah, blah everyday. (I'm in this too, and I hate being bored.)

PLUS - I'm always testing stuff too. So I will be sharing anything I learn. And I do mean ​everything and everything.

​DISLAIMER: PLEASE understand, I do not wear any "SEO hats", meaning I do everything; whitehat, gray, black, doesn't matter to me in the least! If I can improve earnings or rankings and it will not get me penalized, I am going to do it! And then show you how to do it too. To me, the big G is a bully, a faceless corporation, and if I can play the system a bit to get ahead, I will. But you don't need to. I'm just saying you're going to learn about white hat and black hat stuff too. It's your choice if you want to use your dark powers. lol!

Here's an overview of the first ​three websites...​

​Site 1: This is an ​auction domain. It has a great backlink profile and I believe it will do really well, but we shall see. It's in the Finance industry. And I plan to go up against sites like Investopedia and Forbes.

So yes, some easy keywords, and some really tough ones. But this site is a long term commitment and I plan to build this out as a very large authority type site. I will be using Adsense to begin with, then add specific affiliate programs to the corresponding pages.

​Site 2: ​​This ​is an auction domain I picked up on May 22, 2018. It's a great domain and I am hoping that I can see some fast results with it. ​This is more a recipe and "fan" site as it will revolve around one specific (and very yummy) food.

This is more of a micro-niche site that I plan to have around 30+ pages in total before flipping / selling the site. I hope to be able to sell it ​quickly, so you'll get to see the whole selling process too! Monetization will be with Google Adsense and ​Amazon. I will ​(possibly) accept guest posts as the domain has some really great links.

Site 3:
This website is in the 'career" niche. It will be on a brand new domain and I will start this one from scratch and the site will focus on all things "career". There are already a few big players in this niche and I want to take them on as I think I can do better.

There are a few different monetization strategies I'll be using for this. This could be a huge site. Depends how it ranks, but lots of great keywords and CPCs. I will also be list building with this site as I know of some great affiliate products to promote to them. ​

I will also be building an email list for any sites where it makes sense like I already stated for site 3. I LOVE email marketing and it can be VERY profitable when done right.

And when it does comes time to sell, I will document the entire process of that too so you can also get top dollar when it's your turn to sell your site.

Everything I do will be completely transparent. How I come up with keyword ideas, why I choose certain ways to monetize over others, whatever I do, I will share it with you, every single day (except Sundays - hey I need a break too!)

But the fun doesn't stop there....

And then like I said, after the first month, I'll add another completely new site. I'm thinking for site 5 doing a launch jacking site. See how much 'quick" cash we can make. But you can let me know what you want me to build too. Yes, you DO have a say. We are in this together. So just let me know in the private Facebook group.

Now remember, this is all live, real time. So that means I may make a few mistakes as well.

And honestly, I don't care. Because what not to do is just as important as what to do. So either way, we are all going to learn a TON! That I can promise you.

And I also promise to make all of this as interesting as I possible can. See, I actually know how to teach. And I know SEO. And I also know how not to be so boring that you want to take a spoon and scoop out your eyeballs!

Way back when people really didn't understand PBNs (2013) I created a product that did 1000 sales in 3 days (​ - yes, a lame name!). And only one person wanted their money back. (Later I saw them in a blackhat forum trying to sell access to it, it was only a $20 product!!!)

My point, I had so many people message how complete and thorough the product was. How it was the best SEO product they had seen and ​were surprised how inexpensive I sold it. You can see the old thread here...

Okay, so hopefully by now I've convinced you that Watch Me Rank is going to be the most valuable SEO product in the world! Yup, that's really my goal.

From here to forever, I am dedicating my life to building, ranking and making money with websites for you and me. This is what I will do every day, all day.

You can say working for you is now my "job".

​So how much is it going to cost to have me work for you full time?

​Seeing that many of the SEO products out there are like $100 to $4000, and they are basically case studies in PDF format and maybe a few videos, then what I am doing should be worth like $10,000 easily, yes?

Relax, that would be insane. Although I am sure someone out there gets it.

What People Are Saying About ​

“​I'm no longer confused on where to start...”

“​I think it's crazy how much Bill is charging for this. I bought a similar program for $2000 and was still confused. Now I'm no longer confused on where to start and I've already purchased my first domain for my first website.

​I have no doubt if I just do what he does then I will finally have a website worth investing my time and money into."

- ​Marketer, Traveler

“​...a week later I'm on page one for my toughest keyword..."

“​I was able to PM and had a 5 minute chat that after I got done I went and did everything that Bill had said to do, a week later I'm on page one for my toughest keyword, after being on page 2 for like a year!"

- ​Pet site owner

“​This is definitely one of the best investments I've ever made..."

“I​If you're wondering if this is really as good as the sales page makes it sound?

The answer is: ​it's far better! Seriously! I'm a little "technically challenged" you could say. But the training I've seen so far has really helped me to stop "learning" and start doing!

​This is definitely one of the best investments I've ever made, thanks Bill!

- ​Future travel blogger

​So How Much?

​How about $37 a month, fair enough?

I know that's way too low. This is actually a ton of work and responsibility I'm putting on myself.

But first, I'm just starting this. So as far as dealing with you, the Facebook group and everything else that's going into this, I'm sure there will be a few snags and things I will need to learn too. So maybe something doesn't work right the first time or something blows up in my face. I don't know yet. So you're going to be my "beta" testers. My personal lab rats, lol!

And as such, you'll be locked in for life at $37 per month.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


​PLEASE be clear!!! This is $37 per MONTH, this is NOT a one-time fee.

Once you stop paying the fee, you will no longer have access to the FB group or the website membership area. Nothing, just a "bye-bye" from me and the crew.

AND, this $37 a month pricing is ONLY for the first month of my launch. After 30 days, I will raise it another $10. So if you join then, you'll pay $47, not the $37 it is now. Then I will do the same after another 30 days. So each month I am going to increase the price of the membership by $10 untill it reaches $97 a month. But of course whatever price you get in at, that's a lifetime price.

Why do that? Well, like I explained, this is the beginning. Things might not go as smoothly as I am hoping. AND, in 6 months, think of the amount of information that we will have gathered! In 6 months this membership will be worth a ​ton more. And yes, I will charge more. I think it's totally fair.

So lock in the lowest rate you'll ever see and I'll see you in the member's area. Or wait until any "bugs" are worked out and pay double or triple. Doesn't matter to me. Either way, if you're an SEO, you'll be part of the group sooner or later. So why wait? Click the button and let's get started NOW!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​If you for some strange reason are not totally happy with WatchMeRank, then for the first 30 days I will gladly refund every cent you invested into this. No questions. I want everyone to be happy. So if this just isn't for you, just get in touch with me in the first 30 days of your membership and I'll give you a 100% refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.​ If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me here. I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.